Putting the Spark Back into Your Love Life: 3 Ways an Electrical Contractor Can Help

If you feel like the spark has gone out of your relationship and that you are at risk of joining the 15 to 20% of Australian couples who make love less than 10 times per year, it may be time to take some action. While you might think a romantic dinner of oysters and champagne is a good way to inject some romance into your relationship, you should also consider making some changes to the bedroom. Below is a guide to 3 changes you can make to the lighting and electrics in your bedroom which will help to make it feel much more romantic.

Install warm mood lighting

While bright white lighting can help to create a sense of space while also allowing you to show off your furniture, it does not create a very romantic environment. If you want to create a sultry atmosphere within the bedroom, you should consider replacing bright white light bulbs for softer pink or orange ones. An electrical contractor can help you to pick the type of light bulb that will be best suited to the rest of the decor in your home.

Install dimmer switches

Once you have chosen the perfect colour of lighting for your bedroom, you should consider the brightness. The level of light within a room can have a major effect on you and your partner's mood. While you may wish to start off the evening with the lights relatively bright, as things progress you may wish to take them down lower. A dimmer switch will allow you to change the brightness of the lights to create the perfect environment for romance to flourish. 

Use lights to make your bed the focal point

Installing uplighting around the edge of the bed can help to turn it into the focal point of the room and will help to draw you and your lover beneath the sheets. You may need to rewire some of the cables in the room or install new sockets to make this possible, so you should contact a qualified electrician. 

You will be surprised at what an impact lighting can have on your life. Making these small changes to your bedroom can really improve the atmosphere and ambience, helping to reignite the spark of love within your relationship. If you would like further advice on how to improve the lighting in your home, you should contact a fully qualified electrical contractor today.

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