Top Warning Signs Your Car Battery Is Going Haywire and Needs Replacement

Your car battery is that critical component of your car that supplies electrical power to various electrical parts and systems in the vehicle. As a car owner, you should always monitor your car battery's performance so that you do not experience the unpleasant surprise of going nowhere when you need to be heading out or being stranded by the roadside because of a faulty battery. To prevent such situations, it is advisable to be acquainted with some typical symptoms of a failing battery so you can plan for replacement. If your car is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, it could be that the battery is failing and needs to be replaced. 

Trouble starting your car

Do you need to head out but just can't get the engine to start running? If yes, chances are high that your battery is dead or is on its way out. Your car battery provides electrical power to the starter motor, which then starts the engine when the ignition key is turned on or the starter button is pressed ON. When there's a problem with your car battery, your engine will crank slower than usual, and in most cases, you will hear a clicking sound coming from the engine. If you detect these signs, you should have your battery checked immediately, as it may be the reason behind your woes. 

Dim headlights

Like any other electrical component of your car, your headlights rely on electrical power supply from your battery to keeping maintain their brightness. If you notice that your headlights are dimmer than usual when you are driving at night, chances are high that your battery is almost calling it quits. 

Flickering dashboard lights 

The lights on your dashboard are meant to warn you of any issues with the various components and systems of your car including the engine assembly, brakes, coolant, oil and oil filter; this also includes your battery. Watch out for your battery charge warning light. If it keeps blinking or coming on and off, it could be that your battery is faulty and requires replacement.

These are just a few sure-fire signs indicating that your current battery may require replacement. Consult a qualified mechanic whenever you suspect your battery is acting up. Good car batteries do not come by cheaply, so make sure to take care of your current battery in the best possible way. This way, you can avoid making costly replacements. 

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