When to Call a Commercial Electrical Contractor to Your Facility

If you own or manage any type of commercial facility, meaning an office, retail store, production facility, warehouse, and the like, it's good to ensure that the electrical systems are always in tiptop shape. This will reduce any risk of an electrical fire and ensure that your building or office always passes any type of fire or electrical inspection. Having a commercial electrical contractor come to your facility for needed repairs, upgrades, and installation can help ensure that the electrical systems are always functioning properly. Note when it's best to call them for such repairs and other work, and how their services can be beneficial.

When fire alarms sound intermittently

If your facility's fire alarms sound intermittently, this is often the fault of poor wiring, loose connections, or not enough power being fed to them. Rather than calling a security specialist to replace the alarm system, it's good to call a commercial electrician. He or she can test the wiring, note the volts and amps being delivered to the alarms and sprinklers, and check all other parts of this system. They can then install new wiring, find any reasons for consistent shorts or intermittent power, and otherwise repair the problem so that your fire alarms are always working properly.

When the building is about to be inspected

Whatever the schedule for electrical inspections for your facility, it's good to call a commercial electrician ahead of time. He or she can inspect all your electrical wiring, alarms, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, and other items that are typically checked by a city inspector, make repairs as needed, and otherwise ensure everything is in good working order. This can ensure you pass that inspection and there is no interruption of your business because of an inspector insisting that you be shut down until needed repairs are made.

After a fire

If there has been any type of fire in your facility, you may be concerned with restoring the appearance of your building and replacing damaged equipment. However, the wiring in the building may have been damaged from the heat alone, even if not exposed to any actual flames. That heat can melt away the plastic coating the keeps wiring safe; once that coating is gone, electrical current can come into contact with water or building materials, and your facility is at an increased risk for an electrical fire! Have the wiring inspected by a commercial electrical contractor after a fire to ensure it's in good repair or gets replaced as needed.

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